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DEFINING the meaning...

"At times it's just the imagery of common folk, that man or woman you just passed by. It's that situation that we all can relate to or that phrase your uncle use to say."

- B. Robinson

The names origin...

The Black Genius Art Show's existence stems from a connection with People.  The ENERGY, the features and CULTURE are reflected upon an array of mediums.  Each creation sets a simple yet BOLD appeal to each illustration. The use of BLACK lines mold the narrative of each individual canvas.  The GENIUS of it all is to understand that ART LIVES not just on a gallery wall but it exist in all we do.  TBGAS is an experience, it is an exchange....

"Hang the Art, Wear the Art, Become the Art"

When is this show?

The Black Genius Art Show takes place once the audience connects with the art.  It may be a painting or an encounter with a person actually wearing a custom garment.  


"Create Everyday"



Each original painting is created and marketed by B. Robinson.  The intimacy of the exchange, with being able to secure your work of The Black Genius Art Show directly from the painter is an anomaly that provides the client with a vintage sales experience. The client meets the artist and is able to connect directly with the artistTBGAS brand will provide customers with the highest standard of slickness in an effort to develop a family of clients who continue to purchase the art to hang and/or wear.  


Each of the components of TBGAS brand: the paintings, the prints, the

publishing, the animated works and the garment line, operate independently of one another but work in cooperation in order to compliment the other.  They work within the vision of the artist to continue to afford new opportunities, varied life exposure and experiences for the artist and the art itself.

Target Audience

The demographics of our Brand includes the age range 0-infinity years old.  TBGAS creates a line of products that can be marketed to babies and to the baby’s grandparent as well.

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